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Doodles of Mountain Spring Farm

Photos below of past pups born here, as well as some of our retired adults and photos sent in by families who have adopted a Mountain Spring Farm Doodle.

Cover of Birmingham Magazine features a Mountain Spring Farm F1 Labradoodle

MSF standard adult doodle in background

Mini MSF puppy doodle in foreground

Past MSF doodle picture perfect!

Petite Mini goldendoodle as a pup (now one of our breeding sires)

Past doodle cowboy (F1 generation)

2020 past MSF "larger" mini goldendoodle pup

MSF past doodle "checking it out"

MSF past double doodle (straighter coat)

MSF past mini goldendoodle

Past MSF standard goldendoodle

Past MSF doodle pups

varying coat types from same litter

Previous standard doodle sporting a shorter outdoorsy cut

Past MSF doodle

retired goldendoodles

Medium Goldendoodle/future mom for MSF goldendoodles

Mini goldendoodle/future mom for MSF goldendoodles

Past goldendoodle pup

Previous larger mini goldendoodle pup from MSF

past mini goldendoodle

Past goldendoodle

past double doodle puppy (Travis)

past miniature goldendoodle in t​he s​now

past mini petite/small goldendoodle

Previous MSF mini goldendoodle ready for summer fun!

Curly past MSF goldendoodle pup

MSF past reddish goldendoodle waiting for Easter bunny!

past standard multigen goldendoodle

Previous MSF mini goldendoodle

past standard F1b labradoodle

past medium size MSF double doodle

Past mini goldendoodle from MSF

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