Mountain Spring Farm Doodles - Breeding top quality labradoodles and goldendoodles in Alabama.
About Us and our Doodles
We have been breeding Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and Labs for 15 years on our family farm.
We focus on producing puppies of excellent health and temperament to be the "perfect family pet". Many of our clients return for second or third pups to help complete their families.
A DOODLE PRIMER - labradoodles and goldendoodles are crosses between a Poodle and either a Labrador Retriever or a Golden Retriever. Various crosses, or generations exist and various sizes are possible. An "F1" doodle is a 50/50 cross (one parent at Poodle, generally a standard or large size one, and the other parent either a Lab or Golden Retriever.) An "F1b" is an F1 doodle bred or "backcrossed" to Poodle. The resulting puppy is a 75/25 cross, being 75% poodle and 25% retriever. This generation generally has a curlier or "fleecier" coat and is more consistently low shedding or nonshedding. An "F2" doodle is simply two F1 doodles bred together - so they are still a 50/50 cross. A "multigen" or multigeneration doodle generally goes further with the crosses and applies to many more complicated crosses. These pups may be an "F3" or may be a result of breeding F1b to F1b, or F1b to poodle - or dozens of other possibilities. Generally, it is more difficult to determine what "percentage" of poodle and retriever these pups are, but most, if not all, have more poodle than retriever in them.
Then, sizes are divided into:
 -standard (the poodle parent would be a standard or large poodle), so pups are between  50-75#
-medium (at least one parent is a small or medium size poodle or doodle) and pups are between 35-48#.
-small or "mini" (generally both parents are small or mini size, though in some cases only one parent is small) and pups are between 20-38#.
We breed all generations and sizes listed above, though availability will vary from time to time. 
We take care to select ideal "parent" dogs, paying particular attention to heath and temperament.. Hip dysplasia is  the most common health issue found in many breeds, including Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. While doodles are generally very healthy as a breed, hip dysplasia is also a  problem that can be encountered in this breed, as it is found in the "root breeds" of the doodle. Hip dysplasia is usually a result of multiple factors. There is often a genetic tendency for this, as well as environmental  factors. It is known that excess stress on a young dogs legs/hips, from over activity/exercise or from excess weight will increase the risk of hip dysplasia. Young dogs that are allowed to jump down elevated surfaces (vehicles, furniture) have excess stress on their developing hips and legs. It is important to take measures to reduce this risk in your puppy. All our original male breeding stock, as well as most of the females,  were OFA tested prior to beginning our doodle breeding program around 2004. We are now breeding second and third generation doodles, as well as some new breeding stock, and have not had issues with hip dysplasia. However, it is important to understand this can still occur, as well as other health problems that are unforeseen. While we do have a standard 3 day health guarantee (that the puppy is healthy without any significant health issues), we do not offer any long term health guarantees. However, should one of our puppies be diagnosed with severe and symptomatic hip dysplasia prior to 24 months of age, we will offer a replacement puppy OR refund of purchase price (this choice would be at our discretion). Similarly, should one of our puppies be diagnosed with an undisputable genetic disorder that causes its death prior to 12 months of age, we will provide a replacement puppy of similar generation/size/type and value.
3584 AL HWY 174
SPRINGVILLE, AL 35146-6012

Email: (best way to contact us)

Phone: landline (not checked frequently): 205-467-0258
All visits are by appointment only. We mostly accommodate visitors on the weekends, though weekday appointments are often possible too. Please email or call for any questions, or to set up an appointment.
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